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Ireland, is a wonderful country that both captive and permeates tourists leaving them with cherished memories, what makes Ireland so extraordinary is its reminiscent scenery, the landscapes and the warmth and kindness of the Irish people.

For decades, has been distinguished for its music, literature, idyllic countryside, rugged coastline, rural traditions, language and Irish culture, from legends and leprechauns to ancient monuments and Irish castles.

But you'll find in Ireland so much to choose and enjoy; as a destination, has something for everyone and you’ll find it all here.


Discover a world of value-packed adventure, festivals and fun for all the family, because provides a very large range of attractions, enjoying the famous hospitality of the Irish, traveling the countryside, fishing, golfing, spending your Honeymoon or enjoying a lavish stay in a luxury Irish castle, whatever your pleasure may be, mountain peaks or busy streets, Ireland’s got the perfect combination for you, there are countless fun things to do in Ireland.

Island of contrasts with mystique & traditions that belie a modern, progressive Irish society, while traveling the only limit is your imagination.

Ireland Scenery

Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

Commonly is confused the name Ireland between the republic and the island. This guide aimed to show you both, with their tourists attractions, interesting places, impresive history and oportunities to know about the culture and entertainment of this great island.

The island has two independent jurisdictions:
  • The Republic of Ireland ( which covers five-sixths of the island, its capital is Dublin).

  • Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom, covers the remainder and its capital is Belfast).


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