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Ireland By Bicycle and Hitchhiking

Ireland By Bicycle

Getting Around Ireland by Bicycle

Ireland is an ideal cycling country, if you want to travel at a leisurely pace and enjoy the fresh air, cut your transport costs and take care of the environment, and see all the sights and views on offer. People can hire bicycles nationwide from € 20 per day or less; if you're interested you can contact for further details to Irish Cycle Hire the largest cycle hire network in Ireland.
Dublin is even helping with route planners and cycle track maps. Other cities all around Ireland, to make it easier for you, are developing more and more cycle tracks.

Ireland Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking in Ireland

If you have a low budget, Hitchhiking is an ideal way to get around and meet people. For the first time it is advisable to get as comfortable a pair of walking boots and backpack as you can afford before you come. It will pay in the long-term will require a sore back or feet when you are supposed to be enjoying yourself on holidays. Hitchhike is common between Irish, so you will often have competition at the best locations for a lift.

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