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Travelling to Ireland couldn't be easier with a wide range of ferry and airline connections, but as Ireland is an island nation, for those of you who are travelling from abroad getting to Ireland means arriving by either air or sea. The amount of time and cost depend on your point of departure. The choice is entirely up to you.


Airports differ in size and cover every kind of travel with duty free shopping facilities. If you want to arrive by air ,Your point of departure will determine the airport at which you will arrive, most international flights arrive to Dublin, Cork, Shannon or Belfast. Transatlantic flights generally land early in the day allowing you plenty of time to get to your destination. If it's about costs, you should take about when to flight to Ireland.

Ireland has 4 International Airports and 7 regional airports:

Belfast Airport BHD Cork Airport ORK Derry Airport LDY
Donegal Regional Air. CFN Dublin Airport DUB Kerry International Air. KIR
West Airport Knock NOC Galway Airport GWY Shannon Airport SNN
Sligo Regional Airport SXL Waterford Regional Air. WAT


If you plan to arrive by sea, there is a choice of getting to Ireland by Ferry from the UK and France, many ferry companies now offer high-speed services as well as upgraded, state-of-the-art craft on many Irish sea routes.
Prices fluctuate seasonally and depend on your route and your time of travel, if you have a car, the grand total could be four or five times the price for person. The Irish Sea has a reputation for rough crossings, so it's always a good idea to consider taking an over-the-counter pill or patching to guard against seasickness before you set out; because once you're underway, it surely will be too late.
Some of the many major sea routes are:

From England Liverpool-Dublin(8 hours); Fleetwood-Larne (8 hours); Douglas-Belfast (2 hrs 45 min)
From Scotland Cairnryan-Larne (1 to 1:45 hours); Stranraer-Belfast (1 hr 45 min to 3 hr 15 min)
From Wales Holyhead-Dublin (2 hrs to 3 hrs 15 min); Holyhead -Dun Laoghaire (1 hr 40 min); Fishguard-Rosslare (1 hr 40 min to 3 hr 30 min); Swansea-Cork (10 hours); Pembroke-Rosslare (3 hrs 45 min)
From France Cherbourg-Rosslare (19 hours); Roscoff-Rosslare (18 hours); Roscoff-Cork (13 hr 30 min).


Reaching Ireland (also known as the “green island")  can be an awesome experience. Ireland is a cheerful, lively evergreen island of music, poetry and pubs. The Irish kept their traditional legends, there are many folk festivals that we can go to when we visit this country. Pubs are the center of Irish social life and also where you will drink the famous Guinness.

It can be reached by boat from Britain and France. Ireland has six ports Dublin, Dublin Dun, Dun Laoghaire, Rosslare Cork, Larne and Belfast. You can also travel throughout Ireland by the rivers and lakes in small boats or some fast boats that are normally well equipped. Discover the kingdom of legends, Celtic mysterious buildings, castles, stone walls, menhirs. You can enjoy fishing, golf and horseback riding.

Some destinations that you shouldn’t miss if you travel to Ireland
Dublin is the capital of Ireland and it has a great story, and it is really advisable to visit it. Dublin is a small town that can be explored walking. All the attractive places are very close together, so there won’t be any trouble walking throughout the city. In Dublin you can visit the Trinity College, Ireland's most prestigious university. Dublin has a world-famous literary history as the born place of the creator of "Dracula" Bram Stoker. There are many theaters in this city and several international actors have excelled theaters in Dublin. It is also a center for arts. The nights are very popular in Dublin, the most popular bar is the Temple Bar and there are places with different themes. Guinness is typical of Ireland, the plant is in Dublin and you can take a tour and at the end you can taste a Guinness. The city is popular for its bars and pubs. On the streets you can find fans playing live music. Many very famous rock bands like U2 originated in Dublin.
Guinness beer Irelands’s streets

One of the most important routes is Limerick route, which runs through the Cliffs of Moher, Burren and Galway. This route passes through the west coast of Ireland and allows us to visit amazing places. Visit the castles of Cork, or the Castle of Blayne is also highly recommended and an experience that we will never forget.

If you like adventure in the mountains you can visit Wicklow. Do not forget to visit the Dingle Peninsula as well.

Irish beaches are very attractive. They are the pride of the Irish that usually go horseback riding and play golf on beaches. Spend a great day at the beaches in Ireland.

Eating and Drinking in Ireland
The typical menu of Ireland includes a portion of meat, vegetables and potatoes, a nice combination.

Ireland offers a range of drinks for you to enjoy, from a cup of coffee to exotics drinks.

Entertainment in Ireland
Ireland is cheerful and festive a land, always full of entertainment, festivals, music, dance, art, concerts, theatrical performances and cultural events to entertain both children and adults. Taking a weekend to visit places of entertainment with your family or friends will really be a unique experience you will not regret.

The official languages in Ireland are Irish and English. If you are planning to travel to Ireland it is recommended learn English.
Cliffs of Moher - Ireland Cliffs of Moher - Ireland

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