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Theatres and Concert Halls:
    The Waterfront Hall and Ulster Hall, locations that will offer everything from classical music to comedy; Grand Opera House and Lyric Theatre for music and drama over 100 years old, this beautiful Victorian theatre presents a diverse programme.

    One of the most famous is The Golden Thread Theatre that welcomes all art forms, organizing many events including workshops for children & young people.

    Belfast boasts all kinds of entertainment from gastro pubs, pubs and clubs where the music is mighty and gay clubs and bars that are some of the most popular venues in the city.

  • Nightclubs
    Belfast’s nightclub and bar features a great amount of diverse clubbing activities thrilling and satisfying as anything you will experience on mainland Europe.

    The floodgates have flung wide open on visiting heavyweight international DJs, is now commonplace in Belfast.

    Belfast’s "Golden Mile": boasts a number of popular lively bars and nightclubs for student population, like M-Club and the cocktail/sports bar The Globe. If you are seeking fun and frolics the Odyssey is a good choice.

    The City Centre and Cathedral Quarter feature a more upmarket, stylish range of cosmopolitan bars and nightclubs.

  • Pubs and Bars
    Irish pub are known worldwide as places of welcome and respite, also for the quality and the food (gastropub), don't be surprised to find pubs at lunchtime jam packed with ravenous diners which of course speaks volumes about the quality of food that's on offer. Also live music is a feature of many pubs and taverns.

    The newer generation of Belfast bars are definitely smart and stylish Bars, this kind of bar are sophisticated, but there is a warmth in the use of natural building and decorating materials, And then there is of course the warmth of the people, both behind the bar counter and in front.

  • Live Music
    Music is an important part in Belfast live, and its common to find live music featured in many pubs and bars some places popular are:
    The Middle floor of Lavery's Bar and Gin Palace is home to the Bunker. Various touring and local bands play throughout the week with music ranging across every genre. On the other hand Hatfield House is a traditional Irish Bar with original bar fixtures, ornate ceilings and lavish craftsmanship carried out by the same craftsmen who worked on HMS Titanic. The Front Page offers a mouth-watering weekday programme of music from a wide spectrum of live bands on the local circuit.

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