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Cork beginnings started on an island in the estuary of the River Lee; its name comes from Irish "Corcaigh" that means "marsh", now Cork is situated in the South West of Ireland, is Ireland's third city and has always been an important seaport. Surely the most varied of all Irish counties and the largest of all them. Cork is famous for its contrasts, rich farmlands, river valleys with the hills of the west, and the magnificent coastline formed by the Atlantic into great bays, secret coves, and long beaches golden sands.

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Corks hosts great historical places and places for family entertainment like Bantry House & Gardens, Fota Wildlife Park ,The famous Blarney Stone which is kissed by many visitors each year or The Cork City Goal to experience the prisoner's life, and so much more places to enjoy, learn and experience Cork culture.

Cork as an important Ireland's destination has a bit of everything to make your trip unforgettable, with a range of pubs and Bars which offer live music and restaurants to go to in the evening; residents are friendly people and known as the most talkative of all the Irish, also generally they have a good sense of humor and are not afraid to show it. The best way to see what Cork has to offer is to go by foot to enjoy the magnificent view and the activities of this city.

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