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The secret for a good cooking is to use the best ingredients, and Cork produces top quality food: Cork county's rich pastures are famous for their beef, pork, lamb and dairy products.

Some of the best known restaurants in Ireland are:
  • Café Gusto
    • A little coffee bar near Singer's Corner, its specialty is gourmet rolls, wraps and salads.

  • Café Bar Deli
    • Offers portions of tasty, quality Mediterranean food made from fresh ingredients.

  • Café Paradiso
    • One of the best vegetarian restaurant in Cork. Offers original vegetarian fusion food based on local and seasonal ingredients.

  • The Ivory Tower
    • Seamus O'Connell, one of the most famous chefs in Ireland and Ivory Towe chef describes his cuisine as a "trans-ethnic fusion". With experience from Mexico as well as Japan, the result is consistently delicious and exciting.

  • Jacob's on the Mall
    • The cuisine is modern European, and the food is characterised by imaginative cooking and the blending of fresh, local and organic ingredients.

  • Ballymaloe House in Shanagarry
    • One of Ireland’s old and best-known restaurants, also a traditions restaurant because has always been a family affair, started by Myrtle Allen and expanded by Darina, her daughter-in-law, Darina; another generation, Darina's daughter-in-law, Rachel, is now upholding the family tradition. All them have been very famous because of the cuisine.

  • Liberty Grill
    • Liberty Grill has the same philosphy to Cafe Gusto due to is its sister establishment, their food is based on quality ingredients most organic and locally sourced.

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