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Derry History

The historic walled city of Derry, also known as Londonderry, was created in 546 AD, when the great St Columba founded a monastery beside the River Foyle; the name Derry derives from the Irish word "Daire" that means oak grove, which can be at an island totally or partly surrounded by water or peat bog.

Derry is the fourth largest city in Ireland, and the only one whose ancient walls survive intact. Walking along the walls and visiting museums like the Tower Museum, will help you to learn about the history of the city from its beginnings right up to the 1970s, by yourself.

Derry skeleton
The city’s coat-of-arms is represented by a famous skeleton, which represent an association with another aristocratic family the Norman de Burgos and the local O'Doherty family when they built a castle in Derry for their overlords the O'Donnells; to commemorate this event was built the O'Doherty Tower.

The historic walls of approximately 15km in circumference were constructed between 1613 and 1618 by The Irish Society, for defenses from England and Scotland

Derry was the most westerly naval base involved in World War II and acted as a deep water port and sake anchorage for allied forces. The city still retains historic links with the US Navy nowadays.

An historic tour can give you an idea about the impact that the last forty years have had on Derry; unlike any other place in Ireland.

Derry has a great reputation not only for its history, but for music so make sure you catch some live performances at the many pubs and venues throughout the city.

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