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Dublin History

Dublin beginning dates back to the second century, when according to history it was named Eblana and was inhabited by Norman Vikings.

Dublin is an old city, steeped in history of a turbulent past; founded in 988, in its beginnings Dublin was settled by Vikings, amongst some Celtic tribes. In the 9th century the Danes captured the town, but the Irish pull away the control of Dublin from the Danes during the next three centuries.

Dublin soon grew to be the largest and most important town in Ireland. It may have had a population of 4,000 in the 11th century.

In 14th century the king of England controlled Dublin adjacent areas known as “the Pale”.

During 17th century Dublin was still a small, walled medieval town then by the end of the century a remarkable growth began and in the next century Dublin became into the second great city of Britain only after London.

One event remembered as a key moment in Irish history is the Easter rising in 1916 when hundreds were arrested and 15 were executed after a failed attempt to take over the several important buildings. Many believe this event helped gain sympathy for the fight for independence from Britain.

After Independence, Dublin continued as a political, economic, and cultural center, this time, of Ireland. Until know, Dublin is the capital of Ireland, do not miss a visit to this vibrant and interesting city.

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