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From a coffee to an exotic drink Ireland has all kinds of drinks for you to enjoy during your visit.

Some of the most popular Irish Drinks are:
  • Irish Coffee: After the Second War This beverage was invented shortly by an enterprising Irish barman.

  • Whiskey: Irish tradition says that whiskey was first distilled by Irish monks about a thousand years ago, nowadays are several well-known brands; the most popular being Old Bushmills, Tullamore Dew, among others.

  • Beers: The Irish love their beers, and the quintessential Irish beer is Guinness. However other popular Irish beers are Murphy's Stout, Kilkenny and Smithwick's.

  • Poitin: Poitin is made from potatoes. Consider as the most Irish of drinks, the word "poitin" refers to a strong spirit

  • Cider: You should beware that has higher alcohol content than most beers, is brewed from apples.

  • Mead: Is an alternative drink somewhere between beers and liquors. Combine the sweetness of honey with the bite of alcohol, Mead is popular after-dinner drinks.

  • Alcopops: Basically a concoction of water, sugar, food color, juice and strong alcohol; guarantees a splitting headache the next morning.

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