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Why is Education important?

When people started thinking about education, there was a question that immediately came to their minds, why is education so important? If one thinks about it, one can see that it is a complex question, some people say that education is the process by which one can gain information about the world around us, but is this the answer?. If one starts to investigate about education one will see that there are many definitions up to date.

There are many reasons why people think that education is one of the most important parts of their lives so we will try to explain some of the main reasons here:
  • Education provides many kinds of abilities and skills to face real-life problems because education gives us knowledge about the world around us.
  • Education teaches us the best way to lead our lives because it is an instrument to develop our values.
  • Education is important because it equips us with many skills to make our dreams come true and it opens many doors to people who are seeking a better life-status.

Education in Ireland

Ireland is recognized worldwide for its high-quality educational standards because of some of the most recognized Universities. Ireland is characterized by its four levels of education:
  • Pre-School, for children of 4 years of age approximately.
  • Primary School, children from 5 to12 years of age.
  • Post Primary/Second Level, younger from 13 to 18 years of age.
  • Vocational Education, at this level one can choose a profession.
  • Third Level Education (Universities and others).
One of the most important levels is the third one, that is the reason why there are renowned Business Schools and universities, that are considered by university rankings, such as Dublin City University and University of Dublin that offer university courses for people who want to study a career, apart from universities there are many third-level institutions that offers educational and training courses.

One must keep in mind that all students must pay a “registration fee” that is, a quote to entry the courses; this quote covers all fees such as administration fees.

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