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English courses in Ireland

Why study a language?

It is a question that many people want to answer, one can tell that language is one of the most important human skills that differentiate us from other animals.

Over the last years, many countries in the world have become interdependent, this is why foreign language instruction has become one of the principal activities and it has taken down many frontiers.

There are other reasons why one should learn foreign languages, including:    
  • Learning a foreign language help us be more competitive in the labor market.
  • Many companies are looking for proficient professionals in other languages.
  • Learning another language opens many doors for people who are looking for a better job.
  • One can learn more about other cultures because traveling becomes easier and one can travel around the world without problems.
  • Our abilities would increase because while one studies, one can develop others abilities and skills.
  • Actually, some useful resources like free verb conjugation tools, translators or online courses can help you to learn faster.
If we search more, we can see that learning a foreign language will help us improve all our abilities and to have a better life style.

Why study English

English language is definitely the most important language all over the world, most people want to learn English because is the business language, that is the reason why companies and corporations around the world are looking for candidates who speak English with real fluency.

English languages courses in Ireland

The official languages in Ireland are English and Irish (Gaelic), but the most spoken language is English though since 1992 the Irish government has sought to reestablish Irish as a spoken language throughout the country, so if people want to learn in Ireland they must learn both, English and Irish languages; one can find many language schools to learn Irish and English in Ireland.

Here some of the most renowned language schools where one can learn English in Ireland:
  • EC In Dublin Limited
  • Devenish Language School
  • Carraig Linguistic Services
  • European Education Centre
  • Education Through English Ltd

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