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The Burren

The Burren

The Burren

A place of extreme importance for naturalist and scientists from Ireland and beyond, The Burren, located in north-west County Clare, covers approximately 300 square kilometers or more, is bounded to the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean and the southern shores of Galway Bay. The Burren continues to fascinate geologists who come to study the whole place and it’s features.

The Burren takes his name from the Irish “bhoireann” meaning a stony place and has lain unspoiled since the ice-age is an amazing place, it is a karst limestone region, it was formed of limestone pavements eroded.

A small portion of the Burren has been designated as Burren National Park. It is one of only six national parks in the Republic of Ireland, it is particularly known for the "West Clare Style" of concertina playing and the music festival in Doolin.

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