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Galway Travel Guide

Known as the Cultural capital of Ireland, Galway is a modern exciting and progressive city.

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Galway has much to offer to everyone, young and old visitors; is rich in culture because is an old city; is also a university city, the reason of interest and love for the arts. Know Galway is a great experience because has numerous attractions such as the Eyre Square, which is the center of the city. Other areas worth visiting are the Claddagh, the Town Clock and the Church of St. Nicholas, among attractions in Galway.

According to history Galway is also known as the City of the Tribes because since 1400 Galway dominated in political, commercial, and social life by fourteenth families, they were Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, D'arcy, Deane, ffont, French, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martin, Morris, and Skerritt; until 16th century when the War of the Two Kings (1689-91) marked the end of the Tribes.

Although Galway is rich in history and ancient culture, Galway is also up to date with technology; The Celtic Tiger was a phenomenon that gave prosperity to Ireland and since that time Galway has become an important city, the labor workforces extend from general laborers to nurses, doctors, and information technology specialists.

Some of the most famous places you can see in Galway are: Aran Islands, Spainish Arch, Eyre Square is Galway city's best known landmark, and more places that will show you the history and development of Galway through the years.

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