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The name "Galway" has many suggested origins, one of the most accepted is that among the Gaelic Irish is that foreigners were called "na Gall", then Galway comes from "Gaillimh" (the place of the foreigners) in ancient Ireland.
Is said that the city began as a fishing village protected by a fort, then Richard de Burgo captured the town and built a castle there, since that time Galway became into a walled town that prospered and grew trading animal pelts with Spain, France and the Caribean.

In Medieval Times, Galway was governed by no less than 14 families or tribes, then Galway is known also as the "City of the Tribes".

Although the fourteen massive wall towers that secured the city, English wars had a devastating effect on the town. However things looked up again and medieval Galway became a powerful city-state.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, Galway concentrated on promoting its tourist potential; with the Historic attractions to visit that include the Church of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas, Lynch's Castle, the Claddagh and the Spanish Arch. and building a strong local industrial base.

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