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Golf is a game of Scottish origin that has evolved from a sport practiced by an elite minority to gather the attention of thousands of spectators on great TV shows. The growing interest that people put in this game has made its popularity increase in the past ten years to such an extent that it has become essential as a sport activity in the high-quality tourism industry, besides developing as a form of pleasure in small enclosures known as mini-golf.


Due to the increasing popularity of this sport in recent years, golf schools whose basic mission is to provide its users various tools to learn the game or simply further improve and enjoy the sport have increased in the country at an impressive rate. Some of the programs offered include young golf camps, golf schools for advanced players and golf schools for parents and children.

Anyone interested in golf, trying to learn its secrets, or with a desire to further improve their skills on the sport, are encouraged to take golf courses, regardless of their age or ability, this courses help you achieve your potential and develop your natural talent, which is important to fully enjoy the sport.

These classes allow you to learn the basic rules of this sport. Practice in courses of nine holes first, the more more experience you earn, your tutor will lead you to courses of eighteen holes, where the difficulties are not only expressed on quantity but in the geography of the place; it may have small gaps, high grass, or steep vegetation, all these things increase the difficulty of your game.

Usually, golf lessons are conducted by top coaches in the sport; in many cases, they are partners or owners of these schools. The presence of these experts not only improves the quality of education, it also makes classes as entertaining sessions. Students acquire new knowledge as well as many friends and significantly improve self-confidence.

Finally, in these schools you can have a perfect guide to buy your equipment, to get the most appropriate gear for you.

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