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From ancient times, passing by the arrival of Saint Patrick to the present day Ireland has had a impressive history reflected in Ireland culture. This section will give you a brief summary about all facts of Irish history also people that made impact on this island.

Some periods of Ireland History are detailed below:

Ireland Early Period Ireland Early Period
According to legends ancient Ireland was inhabited by various tribes(Nemedians, Fomorians, Firbolgs, and Tuatha De Danann)...
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Ireland Anglo-Norman Period Ireland Anglo-Norman Period
Anglo-Norman barons established in Ireland from the 12th century, initially to support Irish regional kings such as Diarmuid MacMorrough whose name has arrived in modern English as...
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Ireland Period of English Supremacy Ireland Period of English Supremacy
In 1495 Henry VII extended English law over the entirety of Ireland, and assumed supremacy over the existing Irish parliament. By the time that Queen Elizabeth ...
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Ireland 1600-1700 Period Ireland 1600-1700 Period
The religious changes under King Edward VI and Queen Mary I had little effect on Ireland. During the reign of James I, Catholic schools were closed and ...
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Revolutionary Influences & Union Revolutionary Influences & Union
The rift between adherents of the two religions broadened. In 1727, Catholics were excluded from all public office and denied the right to vote...
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Ireland Independence Ireland Independence
Not surprisingly, the union in Ireland was highly unpopular and relations continued to deteriorate between the Catholic and Protestant populations...
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Ireland 1992 onward Ireland 1992 onward
The 1922 Irish Free State constitution, amended through a series of legislative changes, was subsequently replaced with a new constitution. This document was drawn ...
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 Ireland Liberalization and economic success Ireland Liberalization and economic success
Ireland became one of the fastest growing economies in the world by the 90’s, a phenomenon known as the Celtic Tiger...
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