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Early Period

According to legends ancient Ireland was inhabited by various tribes(Nemedians, Fomorians, Firbolgs, and Tuatha De Danann). These tribes are said to have been eventually subdued by Milesians (Scots). At that time Irish tribes, called the Scoti, harried the Roman province of Britain, these expeditions were extended until 463, when St. Patrick attempted to convert the natives.

Ireland Early Period

Numerous monasteries in the 6th century were founded in Ireland, in which religion and learning were cultivated during the early Middle Ages of Europe. The develop of Irish civilisation was checked by the incursions of the Scandinavians, which began toward the close of the 8th century and continued for more than two centuries.

The Vikings established settlements on the east coast of Ireland and conducted raids in the interior until their signal overthrow at the Battle of Clontarf, near Dublin, in 1014, by the Irish king Brian Boru.

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