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Insurance consumers do not take the time to know the benefits offered by their policies, this is a very delicate point because they simply pay without taking advantage of the benefits.

The first thing to learn is that there are many types of insurances from life insurance and car insurance to property insurance and travel insurance. Below we give more details of this service the benefits offered and under what circumstances it may be acquired.

It is also very important to know what kind of policy we have and what benefits they offer and then see if the terms are being respected. If you do not know about the subject you would be paying an insurance policy not being able to enjoy its services and benefits.

When purchasing the policies you must choose the most suitable one that fits your needs. You must receive detail info of each benefit offered.

Home Insurance

Home insurance can be: private property insurance which covers buildings, homes and contents. Accidents can happen at any time so it is best to be prepared and make sure that when it happens we will have someone who will help us. Home insurance covers you in case of fires, floods, storms and theft. There is also contents insurance to cover you from accidental damage.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance goes according to the needs and activities of the customer. Choosing the right insurance is on your hands and you must analyze the possible situations you could be exposed to, such as accidents and theft. Do not forget to have insurance.

Life Insurance

Insuring your family is very important, life insurance covers them in case of death, retirement or critical illness and, if for example, you have a mortgage and purchase a life insurance then this will cover the remainder of the mortgage after death. If you have insurance funded by your employer then you must review the coverage and terms of liquidation.

Travel Insurance

A business trip or a vacation trip can be ruined in a few minutes by unforeseen circumstances. Purchasing travel insurance can be the solution or at least, it will give you the security of having a support. Travel insurance provides coverage for different types of contingencies such us: cancellation fees, trip delay expenses, trip interruption costs, lost baggage, baggage damage or delay, emergency medical expenses and much more.

Health Insurance

The health care system in Portugal is more efficient and effective since 2002. The health care system is available to all the eligible population in Portugal and it works with three systems that are:
  • The National Health Service.
  • The health Sub-systems specialized in social health insurance regimen.
  • The Voluntary Private Health insurance.

A person who works in Portugal and pays for the social security system has the right of free treatments but medicines are not given for free. People, who permanently live in Portugal, as European Union residents, are eligible for free basic healthcare which includes free medical appointments and medicines. The non-European Union nationals should apply for personal insurance in order to get medical treatment in Portugal.

Insurance companies in Portugal offer other types of insurance too: Income and mortgages protection, property and building insurance, holiday home insurance, contents insurance, civil liability insurance, marine insurance, workplace insurance, employee insurance, pets insurance and funeral plans insurance.

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