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Ireland for kids will result a magic experience, because Ireland has many ancient castles, places for play and run, green parks, aquariums, museums and tales of fairies and leprechauns, places for learn while you are traveling and also have fun; all Ireland has to offer surely will make your children enjoy the trip.

Places around the country are always great for kids by example the cafes are casual and usually noisy and crowded, but there are always highchairs, places to park a buggy and helpful staff to help carry your trays if you have a baby on your hip.

Ireland for Kids

Some useful information if ou travel to Ireland with kids:

Transportation in Ireland with kids

Although public transportation is available in Ireland and counts with facilities, if you are traveling with kids the best option is driving. You and your children will be delighted by the windy country roads, stone walls, and animals out to pasture.
Remember, the Irish drive on the left side of the road, so sticking to the correct side should be where your focus lies.

Baby Gear

If you’re traveling to Ireland with babies and use buggies, you must know that the doors to most places tend to be narrower than in America so with two little ones consider the buggies that stack one kid on top of the other like the Phil & Ted's, most mothers in Dublin use of those.


Rain is what you surely will find in Ireland, it does really rain a lot. It needn't slow you down too much, but if you plan spending the day outside, always bring a light windbreaker with a hood, also things necessary for the care of children and babies.

Where to eat

In Ireland many establishments have facilities for people traveling with kids, some of them.
  • Howth has some great eating establishments, so working up your appetite is a brilliant move.
  • The House is happy to receive families with open arms, you can stash your buggy at the door, they pull a highchair out for your little one and provide coloring supplies. They offer a children's menu with smaller portions from the regular menu.
  • Glendine Country House located at Arthurstown New Ross Co Wexford

  • If you want to know some interesting places to visit while you are with children, see Family Attractions in Ireland

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