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Ireland has an animated and active gay scene in most cities. You will find plenty of gay bars and nightclubs to choose from, especially in Dublin; however Cork and Galway also have good alternatives but with much less choice than Dublin.

In Dublin
Dublin offers a great variety of places groups and activities to make you feel comfortable. Dining Out is a gorgeous place which organizes evening dinners for gay men about twice a month and is a very friendly group. Dublin has also a gay rugby club of Rugby, the Emerald Warriors. Gloria is a gay and lesbian choir, and a very excellent one too.

Outside Dublin
Some cities like Cork , Waterford ,Belfast, Newry and West and North West of Ireland has groups who organize a wide range of activities for gay and lesbian people living in or visiting the area.

Some events that take place in Ireland for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBT)

Gay festival in Ireland


Lesbian Arts Festival takes place in Dublin, Ireland; the Spring each year since 2002. People celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer women's artistry and creativity in different kinds of art, poetry, music, theatre, film making, visual art and the art of our own bodies, this Irish festival includes a band night, daytime workshops, theatre performances, a visual art exhibition, a club night, short and feature length films and a singer/songwriter night.

Gay Proud in Ireland


Dublin Gay Pride Festival: Is an event usually held in the middle two weeks of June each year. Pride Dublin is an extravaganza of culture, comedy and fun, culminating in the Pride Parade through Dublin.
The festival aims to promote:
  • Not only to tolerate, but to accept and celebrate diversity with the understanding that it is our differences which make us extraordinary.
  • To seek out those who are on the fringes and to take practical, concrete steps to ensure their inclusion in society.
  • To increase the visibility of the Dublin LGBTQ community within the wider Dublin, Irish and global community while communicating the message of mutual respect; to appreciate others for what they are, for how they are different and to respect them for such.

  • Gay film in Ireland


    Dublin Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, this festival takes place annually on the August Bank Holiday weekend since 1992 in Dublin.
    In this festival, organizers presents cinema for members of the gay community with LGBT content. However, it also includes films by gay artists which don't contain any gay themes and films which inspire gay artists.

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