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According to tourists, the favorite working destination is Ireland. Despite the economic crisis the unemployment rate is decreasing compared to the ones in other countries. People who are looking for an interesting job experience can find many job offers there.

It’s a fact that job search in Ireland is difficult but not impossible. The English language, as expected, is very important. Many people see how their English level has improved a lot since they live there. Anyway, if you do not speak English perfectly, our advice is to study some short intensive course before traveling to Ireland. That could be a good starting point.

Job search tips in Ireland

In summer season the chances of finding work in Ireland increase considerably, so it’s a good idea to travel to Ireland by that time. Once you find the right job, you must prepare a good resume that reflects who you are. To get a good impression, you must include the full name of all education centers and degrees.

Also, you have to mention additional courses and special skills such as computer software you are proficient at. Language skills are important in Ireland, too. It’s important that your resume be accompanied by a cover letter that shows information such as areas of expertise, experience, knowledge and required skills.

Remember that you need to be original with your resume presentation, because employers appreciate that effort. So, if you want to modify or make some changes, you can use online resume examples as a guide that help you to write the most important and valuable information in your resume.

Don’t forget to write your accomplishments, capabilities, hobbies and work experience in your resume sample. Take in consideration that employers prefer a short resume, maximum two pages.

Your resume style is up to you: If you want to show employers an elegant resume, you can find different resume templates online that will give you more than one alternative to improve your resume and give it the structure you want. Be creative and remember that your resume will speak for itself.

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