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Kerry History

Kerry's prehistoric people travelled across the county's peninsulas, seeking. The forts and castles in Ireland of the Celtic races and later groups are still visible in the county.

In the 15th century, the majority of the area now known as County Kerry was still part of the County Desmond, a branch of the Hiberno-Norman Fitzgerald family, known as the Geraldines.

Throughout history, Kerry has been part and has been marred by many conflicts, in 1580, during the Second Desmond Rebellion, one of the most infamous massacres of the Sixteenth century, the Nine Years War, Kerry was again the scene of conflict, as the O'Sullivan Beare clan joined the rebellion, the county was formally divided in 1606. It continued to maintain its unique Irish culture, which is extraordinary to discover.

Kerry passed by the Irish Rebellion of 1641, in the 17th and 18th centuries, Kerry became progressively populated by poor farmers, who begin to use the potato as their main food source. In the 20th century, Kerry was one of the counties most affected by the Irish War of Independence when the Irish Republican Army fought a war against the Royal Irish Constabulary, and British military; Kerry saw a series of massacres of republican prisoners, this situation left deep scars in Kerry's people (1919–21), and Irish Civil War (1922–23). Kerry's history also left many signals and remains for testimony, that now are great tourist attractions.

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