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Getting Around Kilkenny

Kilkenny is not a big city, is a most walkable city not only due to the distance, but also the walks through this medieval city are extremely enjoyable.

If you prefer there are available Taxis in Kilkenny throughout the city and you can find them at the train station or in many of the taxi-ranks.

Another healthy and simple way to getting around Kilkenny is biking. Kilkenny has recently installed cycling paths on almost all major roads leading into the city, so cycling is now a safe and free way of getting in from your accommodation. Indeed, while strolling around town you can chain your bike to the many designated bike poles throughout the city

Kilkenny has the streets really tight for cars but for drivers there is a bypass and if you are driving you should take this route; although Kilkenny is small, Killarney doesn't have a lot of traffic but it is just very slow moving.

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