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Kilkenny History

The history of Kilkenny dates back to more than 1,000 years and is marked by several significant events. Origins are rooted in the middle ages when a monastery was founded there, from which the city (and county) takes its name that comes from the Gaelic, Cill Chainnigh, and means Church of Cainneach.

Events passed in Kilkenny leave unique sights and sounds there most of its old medieval architecture remains intact and the street plan of the centre has changed little in the last six hundred years; and one of the best ways to explore all them is by embarking on a tour of Kilkenny. Make sure that your Kilkenny tour itinerary includes the best of kilkenny.

However, Kilkenny entered to its golden age in seventeenth century, when was formed the Confederation of Kilkenny in 1641 to unite resistance against English persecution of Irish Catholics in this period is when Kilkenny began a period of unparalleled success.

Kilkenny people is pride of the lively cultural scene, and show it with important events hosted annually. Some of these events are the Arts Week Festival with variety of musica art, exhibitions, literary reading, jazz & folk sessions, the Cats Laughs Festival, and so on.

A visit to Kilkenny is an unforgettable experience with so much to do and see around this historical city.

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