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Considered as the fourth largest city in the Republic of Ireland, Limerick is located in Southwest Ireland, is a medieval city because has wealth in history which marks its landscape and its inheritance, with its castles, its old museums and its walls.

Situated where the Shannon, Ireland's longest river, meets the Atlantic Ocean, and Limerick City is located on the banks of the Shannon. Limerick is an interesting city; it's compact because most of the sights and attractions are close one to another.


Limerick has also some mystery, because of the origin of its name; although there is an official interpretation, they give others to consider, some of them:

One possibility says that comes from "Loum-ne-augh", which means made bare, or eaten by horses, the historian stated that all the grass in the area was eaten in 24 hours by the horse of a King when stayed here for camp.

According to The Book of Lecan and The Book of Ballymote during one battle between forces of Munster and Connaught at the banks of Shannon, then because of the heat and the sun, they took off their capes; due to the fight they didn't notice that the tide was taking their capes away so began to scream "is luiminochola an t-inbhear anossa" that means cape-full is the river now.

There are other interpretations to the name of Limerick but the official interpretation says that the name comes from the diminutive of "Lom" (Irish) which means bare; name that was applied to the whole of the Shannon Estuary.

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