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In Ireland, freedom of the press and freedom of speech are protected by the Irish constitution, but Ireland had some difficulties with restrictions on press freedom, though these in 2009, Ireland was considered as one of the countries where press was the most free.

All Ireland's communications infrastructure are now digital but progress in broadband technology has been stagnant since 2006 and Telecommunications in the Republic of Ireland, including postal services run by An Post, are regulated to a large extent by the Commission for Communications Regulation. Work in any media company in Ireland is not easy. The requirements for getting a job go through to have advanced studies, submit a comprehensive resume and properly draft a media cover letter.

Newspaper in Ireland


Information about vacations, real estate and property together with finance, local issues, politics, people and business, entertainment, activities and events all covered in Irish newspapers.
You can find daily newspapers in Ireland, the main National Daily Newspapers are: The Irish Independent (best selling), The Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, Irish Daily Star, and the Evening Herald. Ireland also has a large number of regional and local weekly newspapers, such as:
Limerick Post, Limerick Leader, Irish News Global Edition, Clare Champion, Galway Advertiser, curiously Dublin remains one of the few places in Ireland without a major local paper.
Obviously Ireland has newspapers printed in Irish. These include a weekly newspaper, Foinse (mainly focuses on Irish language related matters), and a daily newspaper, Lá Nua (focuses on current events and politics).

Television in Ireland


Television in Ireland use both VHF and UHF and more than a half of population is subscribe to multichannel television networks RTE (Radio Telefis Eireann) is Ireland's only television company which broadcasts 3 channels; RTE1 carries the main news programs also carry a wide range of programs, many of which are produced in Ireland.
Sky Digital broadcasts digital satellite television services, and is the most used for that.

Radio in Ireland


Ireland’s radio stations broadcast a great variety of programs from news to live discussions and music. The main national radio stations are provided by RTE with RTE Radio 1 on 97.6 - 99.8 MHz, 2FM on 88 - 90.2 MHz, RTE Radio 3 on 90.2 - 92.4 MHz and Radio Cork on 89MHz, but there are numerous local radio stations such as FM104 (Dublin), Classic Hits 98FM (Dublin), 96 & 103FM (Cork), Today FM (formerly Radio Ireland) with popular music and some speech programming.

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