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The process of moving has become very common because of job change, business expansion, better economic status, retirement, family increase, etc. These factors force people to relocate along with their belongings and their family members.

Having a new home can be stressful if you haven’t had any previous advice. Moving out require a special care and it should not be taken lightly.

Spare no expense for the move

The inexpensive always comes out expensive. Do not try to save money or time by trying to move all your things by yourself. Your money will be well spent if you contract a moving company that offers a packaging and a transportation service. Also, you will avoid major problems. You can send moving postcards to your friends and let them know that you are moving and need help for the process.

Prices vary depending on the conditions of the move. The factors that determine the final costs of the move are: how easily is to disassemble the furniture, if the customer is going to do the packaging or not, if they will have to lift objects, how easy is to access the house, and of course, it will cost more if they will have to transfer to a place that is outside the city that they’re moving from.

Packing and supervision of moving

To properly pack all your items and make sure that they’ve arrived at their destination in perfect conditions, we must consider the following tips:
  • Abundant newspapers to wrap your items (it is cheaper to get a few old newspapers to buy Kraft paper).
  • Bubble paper (also known as bubble wrap).
  • Boxes for packaging (you can get free boxes at grocery stores.)
  • Packing tape.
Moving companies in Ireland
We may also use towels, sheets, blankets or any kind of clothing more carefully to protect our most fragile objects. You can now start to do the packaging with ease.

Tips and Techniques for packing

  • Packaging should be done room by room; you should indicate in the boxes a detailed description of what is saved inside them.
  • If a box contains a fragile item, you should write that it is fragile with a bright colored marker in a visible part of the box (preferably at the top of it) so then it can be handled with a special care.
  • It is recommended to introduce heavy objects in small boxes so that they do not break.
  • Objects like cups and plates should be wrapped in bubble wraps. You can even use the dish towels, cloth mittens and pot holders to place them in the corners of the box to add protection.
  • Do not directly put tape on furniture; it is hard to remove residual adhesive tape that is attached to them, and it could damage the finish.
  • To pack your computer, do not forget to do backup to avoid risks and make sure that it is not close to objects that generate a magnetic field.
  • Personal items such as toiletries, kitchen utensils and clothing change should be put into a specific box that you can see easily; that way you will not have to open several boxes to find what you need.

Moving companies in Ireland

When you decide to contract the services of one of the moving companies in the market, you have to value some important aspects such as: guarantee, professionalism, available services and prices.

What kind of requirements must a moving company fulfill?

  • It should be registered in Municipal Register.
  • It should provide an insurance of civil responsibility.
  • The employees should be insured.

What actions should take the moving companies?

The moving company must make a visit to your home to make a preliminary evaluation of various factors. They see if there is access to the house, and determine how the goods would be packed and transported. They also inspect the elevator (if there is one) and the staircases inside a building.

That way, the company can make a detailed budget that fits the needs of the customers. The price that movers determine is based on the volume and weight of the objects to be transported, on the packaging (whether it’s going to be done or not), the distance, the date and the time for pickup and delivery, the storage service and the number of workers needed to carry out the work.

So, it's time to start to search and compare Moving Companies in Ireland.

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