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From the selected Ireland's ancient music in Medieval Era, the traditional and instrumental music, to the thrilling beat of U2 nowadays, Ireland is and has always been the origin of the best sounds of music and you will know and experience best this, just in Ireland.

The ancient music in Ireland

The Irish annals contains a list of native musicians, who played harp, Tympanist (percussion instrument, like drum) or even design and construct an instrument which none had made before; in High and Late Medieval Era, all information has been evolved through the process of oral transmission.
Harp in Ireland
One of the Ireland's instrument representative, symbolize the harmony between people and music in this country, unique and distinctive, the harp is the earliest musical instrument according to Irish literature and has been used as an official emblem for Ireland since medieval times. Today, you'll see it on Irish passports and stamps.

The traditional music in Ireland

Traditional music in Ireland depends on some factors and one of the main factors is the selection by the Irish community, which determines the form in which the music survives; traditional music consists of two wide categories; instrumental music, which is mostly dance music (reels, jigs, hornpipes, polkas, folk and the like), and the song tradition, which is mostly unaccompanied solo singing. In Ireland the best example of this is the Folk Music.
  • The fiddle (or violin - there is no physical difference), the guitar, the flute, the accordion that plays a major part in modern Irish music and the harmonica.
  • The Uilleann pipes are complex and said to take years to learn to play.
  • The Celtic harp.
  • A frame drum (bodhrán), usually of bent wood and goatskin.

Modern music in Ireland

Since 1947 Pub sessions are now the home for much of Irish traditional music, which takes place at informal gatherings in urban pubs.
However, Ireland's music is not only known for the traditional and or ancient music but have a massive musical successes nowadays for the production of some bands and artists you may have heard like U2, The Corrs, Enya, Westlife, Snow Patrol, Ash, David Holmes, Van Morrison and The Thrills, to name just a few of the most successful .

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