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Ireland is a country that is committed to provide a high quality education; education is a fundamental right in the Constitution of Ireland. Currently, Ireland has a modern government that considers the education as a key to enter into this competitive world; it has invested thousands of money into education.

Education system in Ireland

As in many countries, Ireland has public and private schools that are similar to other school systems. However, some private schools cannot be accredited and the Ireland Department of Education does not have authority over their educational operations.

Attendance is required to those of age six until they reach the age of fifteen. In most schools, the education is free. The Irish education system was traditionally divided into three levels:
  • Primary (8 years)
  • Secondary (5 or 6 years)
  • Higher Education.
The primary education system is focused in the child with the belief that high quality education lets children develop their potential as individuals and achieve their capacities at particular stages. The secondary education is a complement to the primary education where students achieve a comprehensive learning and realize their potential as citizens. Finally high education offers many opportunities such as post-secondary courses, vocational and technical training.

Military schools  

Military schools in Ireland

The military life can be an alternative to develop and mold people’s behavior. Military schools provide a multidimensional training in aspects such as physical, psychological and morale as well as activities at operational and strategic levels in both national and international situations. After the training, people come out confident, disciplined and motivated to serve their country.

Law schools  

Law schools in Ireland

Laws control the behavior of people so then they can all live in harmony. Ireland’s authority derives from the constitution. You can learn more about the fascinating world of laws and help others to live peacefully by attending law school.  Law schools offer study programs that include the study of civil, common and religious laws that apply in different criminal, family, and business areas.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Ireland

If your passion is to fly a plane, you can become a pilot. It is important to know that flight careers can offer opportunities to know new cities or countries. Look for flight schools where you can start with your training like a charter pilot, flight engineer, helicopter pilot, flight instructor, or corporate pilot. You will also learn basic airmanship, the ability to operate an airplane or helicopter, and the use of instruments, systems and other equipments.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Ireland

Life gives you many opportunities for achieving success; so, the first step is to choose a school where you can pursue a career and if you want to be a pilot, in pilot schools give you the key for finding the best school where you will receive a high training where you will face the risks and challenges of becoming a pilot, copilot or flight engineer. Then you will be able to work in small or large international and national airlines.

Technical schools  

Technical schools in Ireland

There are many opportunities to continue your education. A technical school lets you finish your career in a short time to apply for a job or start your own business. In technical schools can pursue careers like welding, painting, garment, electricity, carpentry, mason, computer technician and much more. You will receive more practical lessons than theoretical lessons because the demand for skilled workers is increasing.

Boarding schools  

Boarding schools in Ireland

Education is considered as an essential part of life. You cannot play with it; so, you have to do a wise choice and consider all the alternatives. One of them is the boarding schools; you will find a selection of schools and programs that have extensive extracurricular and athletic programs that combine academic programs with personal development; that way, the students will be more prepared to attend a college or a university.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Ireland

If you decide to enroll in a trade school or find out information about trade schools, you should investigate the kind of programs that they offer as well as the requirements for admission. Trade schools offer programs where you will learn the exact skills and receive the necessary training for a specific trade such as mechanics, fashion design, plumbing, electronic, carpentry, floral designer, automotive technology, and veterinary assistant. At the end of your trade, you will obtain an associate degree, or specialized certificate.

Massage schools  

Massage schools in Ireland

People’s increased concern about health made it possible the existence of massage therapists. Massages have been considered as a healing science. Massage schools offer courses where you can learn about therapeutic techniques that are used to avoid stress, injuries or pains. After you finish the career, you can work in hotels, spas, nursing homes or even start your own business.

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