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Sports in Ireland Before practice any outdoor or indoor sports, it/s important to pass a health examination to practice any sport without risks. You must to consider some facts as our Basal metabolic rate. What is bmr? It is an index that indicates the amount of calories you expend depending in some values like weight, gender or activity. You can calculate your own values thanks to a professional bmr calculator tool who also includes other interesting indexes like body fat and BMI. Sports in Ireland are extremely popular, both in terms of playing them and watching them.

While you are in Ireland, if you are a sports fan, catching a live match of any of the country’s most watched sporting events can be a great way to know the culture, know new people and have a memorable time.

Also if there is an important match being televised, you can go to an Irish pub surely you will be surrounded by lots of fans cheering for their team.

Irish sports

We have classified sports in Ireland in two types:

Gaelic Sports: For people who travel and want to do some tourism and know more about Irish culture.

And other Popular Sports: Practiced in Ireland and worldwide, for sports fans, for people that although they are traveling can’t stop doing sports.

Golf: One of the most popular and played sports in Ireland is Golf.

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