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There are a range of sports among the Gaelic Games family including Football, Hurling, Ladies Football, Camogie, Handball and Rounders, and are promoted by Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

Gaelic Football
Gaelic football
Is Ireland's most popular spectator sport, it may look and sound similar to football, but it's not forbidden to use the hands to carry the ball, pass to teammates, and get the ball into the goal. Some describe this sport as a mixture of soccer and rugby.
Some unique things about Ireland's version of football are that It has a speedy tempo, the ball is round and smaller than a football, and it can be carried in the hand.

Ladies' Gaelic football
Is a team sport for women, coordinated by the Ladies' Gaelic Football Association. The game is very similar to the male form of Gaelic football, where two teams of 15 players kick or punch a round ball towards goals at either end of a grass pitch.

Hurling and Camoige in Ireland
IHurling is together with Gaelic football, the most popular sports in Ireland, also is native to Ireland. It is similar to field hockey, but in hurling the ball is usually played in the air instead than on the ground.

Ladies' Camoige
It's not just men who enjoy Ireland's indigenous sports, as well as Ladies Gaelic football; this is the women's version of hurling, with a few small rule changes from the men's version but they play with the same passion and commitment as their male counterparts.

Attending a match is likely to be one of your most unforgettable experiences in Ireland, with the passion of the fanatics that captives and make you feel part of this game fast, furious and exciting; so can you imagine how it feels to play it?.

Gaelic Handball:This is similar to racquetball, except the ball is struck with a gloved hand instead of a racquet. Interest in this sport has waned in recent years, to other sports such as Gaelic football and association football, in recent years there has been a pronounced effort from within handball to address this problem, with increased game promotion and higher media profile for the top players. The sport is governed by the GAA.

Road Bowling: This game has an incredibly long history (dates back to the 17th century) and a set of rules. Part golf, part bocce, part bowling. . . The rules are simple - hurl a small 28 oz. cannonball along a two mile "country road". Players must throw underhanded. Scoring is similar to golf - the least amount of throws needed to complete the course wins. Road Bowling is also played in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Rounders: (Irish: cluiche corr) Rounders is not much different to baseball. Game-play centers around innings where teams alternate at turns being batters and fielders. Points ("rounders") are scored by the batting team by completing a circuit around the field through four bases without being put 'out'. In Ireland is regulated by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

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