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Here some popular sports practiced in Ireland and worldwide:

Greyhound: Consists in a dog race where the dogs chase a lure (traditionally an artificial hare or rabbit) on a track until they arrive at the finish line. The one that arrives first is the winner.

Rugby: It was called “rugby union” In Ireland ,Rugby union is played at club, province and national levels and the Ireland national team is composed of players from both Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Hockey: It is similar to ice hockey only it is played outdoors on a pitch and known in some countries as 'field hockey'. is quite popular as a participative sport in Ireland.

Soccer (Football): In Ireland to avoid confusion with Gaelic football, it’s called “soccer”. It is one of the most accessible and popular sports in Ireland and around the world.

Golf: Over 400 golf clubs and over 300 courses throughout the country, make Golf is a sport very popular in Ireland and regularly televised.

Cycling: There are many regional clubs throughout the country and many competitions are organized regularly.

Racquet sports: As tennis, badminton and squash are quite popular in Ireland.

Water sports: Practised in Ireland include canoeing, swimming, surfing, diving, water polo, sailing, kayaking, and scuba diving. Whilst many people participate in these, few do so competitively.

Extreme sports: Extreme sports are perfect for tourist to keep lasting memories from this experiences, there is a large underground following of extreme sports in Ireland, with many sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, surfing, BMX, mountain biking and mountain boarding (Kitesurfing), (wakeboarding)growing.

Sport fan in Ireland
Maybe you do not practice any sport, but you enjoy looking a good match, a great place to be surrounded by lots of fans cheering the team.
Croke Park located in Dublin is the fourth largest stadium in Europe and has been used primarily by the Gaelic Athletic Association(GAA) to host Gaelic Games that includes Gaelic Football, and the stadium really comes alight on fast-paced match-days.
Stadium in ireland

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