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Irish translators are currently in fashion, since labor is very cheap in Ireland. Despite the people’s desire to revive the Irish language, Gaelic; The Irish Translation Market is geared to translate English, French and German. Irish English is similar to the British one, although Irish English has adopted some words and accents derived from Gaelic.

Translation market of Ireland

The translation market of Ireland is located in its capital; there, one can find professional translators or translation agencies with a degree, ensuring a professional translation. Translation agencies are known for their well-trained teams; in which most translators are specialized in specific fields so people can hire their services to translate documents with technical concepts.

Nevertheless, Ireland is an English-speaking country; one can find a translator apt to make an English translation quite easily, but to ensure the elected translator knows how to make a good job; being native speaker doesn’t guarantee a qualified translator. Professional translators know many things that keep a high influence on the management of languages.  

Irish translators

When Irish translators translate English, they need to know from where the translation work comes, because American, British and Irish language maintain some differences in grammar. Many universities have a language department where students can get a translation degree; these universities prepare their student to be the best translators.

The Irish translation market is growing; there are good and non-expensive translation services in Ireland.  Most translation agencies offer their services online, there’s a large catalogue with different prices according to the kind of translation service.

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