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It's not an easy question to answer, but it all depends on your interests and the season you prefer, would you rather contemplate the rainbows that appear during the spring in Ireland, or enjoy the peace of the countryside in the winter?
Ireland climate is complex, has four seasons in one day: the day might start off with light showers of spring-like rain, mid-day would blossom into a brilliant summer's day, afternoon might bring a sudden dry wind, and evening could settle into a chill that goes through your bones.

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What is constant in Ireland is the rain, which is responsible for Ireland's many shades of green. Visitors should be prepared for at least some "shower" during any given day, and expect more rain in the west of the country.
There isn't a bad season to visit Ireland, you should just take care of the vents you're planning and if will be opened to your arrive; if you mind crowds, avoid the summer months unless you don’t mind crowds and, else you can plan a visit for May or September, also July and August, that are the traditional holiday months in Ireland, resorts are crowded and noisy.

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